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Vitamins Revive is the only hair revitalization company founded by Trichologists – hair and scalp science-based specialists, who look at treatment with a holistic approach and backed by more than 80 years’ experience in the study and treatment of hair problems.

We are a family-owned third-generation Trichologists company with a heritage of helping women recapture the healthy, vibrant-looking hair they once loved. And, in turn, their confidence, too.

Known and respected by our customers, hair stylists, and salons all over the world, Vitamins Revive is recognized for an uncompromising quality and commitment to perfection.

Our unique Hair Growth Vitamins Kit:
– Ingredients are scientifically proven to reduce hair loss and promote growth.
– Ingredients are optimized for fast and effective absorption.
– 100% vegan.
– Non-GMO
– Cruelty free
– No artificial colors or flavors
– No additives or synthetic fillers
– Allergy friendly
– Gluten free
– Soy free
– Dairy free
– Nut free
– Tested to ensure NO heavy metals, organic solvent residues, or herbicides are included

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In addition, we offer complementary hair strengthening products to provide the optimal synergistic solution for hair loss and growth when using our Hair Growth Vitamins Kit…